The Story

Feathers, swimming, and everything yellow. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little ducks.

But the god of creation accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction--

Marijuana X

BOOM!! Thus, The Stoney Ducks were born!


  • Quarter 1
    • Minting Phase #001 - #400 Stoney Ducks (Genesis Generation)
  • Quarter 1
    • Collaboration with Artists/NFTs.
    • Official Website Launch
  • Quarter 2
    • Campaigns to Promote NFT Community
    • Airdrops and Giveaways
    • Getting Stoney Ducks Verified
  • Quarter 3
    • Royalties to Fund, Develop and Produce More Content
    • Stoney Duck Metaverse Lounge Access
    • Low Tier Stoney Ducks to be Bought Off the Secondary Market
    • DAO Continuation for Holders
  • Quarter 4
    • Introduction of Player VS Player (PVP)
    • Tokens can be Earned Through This Play-To-Earn Game, Royalties would be Spread to Users
    • Participate in Staking to Earn Additional Tokens Daily


Duck Norris

Boss / Lead

Quack Sparrow

Pixel / Illustrator

Moby Duck

Mint / Web / Code

Egg Beneduck

Mod / Community

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Stoney Duck are available for minting?

A total of 400 StoneyDucks are up for Minting.

What's the mint price?

1 SOL.

When does minting start (drop)?

To be confirmed.

How many can I mint?

1 StoneyDuck per transaction. There's no limit per wallet.

What are the compatible wallets?

We highly recommend Phantom wallet.

Are they unique?

Every NFT are UNIQUE. There will be no IDENTICAL copies.

Where can I find the Rarity Chart?

Rarity Chart will be shared one hour after the Minting.

How to mint?

Scroll to the top and press on "Connect". Connect your wallet and wait for the countdown to reach 0.

Press on Mint Now and confirm the transaction (1 SOL) in order for you to get your StoneyDuck!